U.S. Defense Secretary Says CCP Is Indistinguishable From Russia

Foreign media reported that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned at the annual Halifax International Security Forum on Nov 19th that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine portended a world where nuclear-armed states could threaten other countries, and Communist China and Russia sought a world where might makes right. Austin refuted Putin’s claims that modern Ukraine was entirely created by Russia and believed the war showed the whole world the dangers of disorder, which was an urgent and historic security challenge facing the world. With the Kremlin’s repeated defeat on the battlefield, Putin might threaten to use nuclear weapons once again.

Austin said nuclear arms should be responsibly controlled by governments rather than be used to threaten the world. He also compared Moscow to Beijing, saying CCP was in an effort to reshape both the regional and international systems to suit its authoritarian preferences. Xi Jinping’s regime, like Putin’s regime, sought a world where might makes right, disputes are resolved by force and autocracy could extinguish the flame of freedom.

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