The CCP’s Acts of Extreme Madness in G20 Summit Will Lead itself to Collapse

In the live broadcast on November 17th, Miles Guo mentioned that the CCP’s madness in the G20 Summit would lead itself to collapse. Even though Xi Jinping led the CCP’s delegates and was unwelcomed at the G20 summit by other countries, its propaganda media manipulated public opinion through falsification and brainwashing to turn G20 into “Xi20”. All visible propaganda shows Xi is the “most powerful leader” in the world. Meanwhile, when the Foreign Minister of Communist China, Wang Yi, met with delegates from other countries, he completely disregarded diplomatic courtesy and directly asked for benefits to collude with these countries. Miles said that the foundation of the CCP’s madness and chaos is that CCP believes they are controlling 1.4 billion Chinese people as cheap labor and having the Chinese market. Xi Jinping is living in his world and believes that the game rules in this world are “whoever is not afraid of death can dominate the world.” He thinks everyone can be bought and bribed. Xi also believes humanitarianism and faith are deceptions and that politicians are all liarsHowever, the time has changed. The CCP’s crazy behaviors have awakened the West to a more profound recognition of the true nature of the party. After their analysis, some Western research institutions concluded that the CCP would collapse rapidly. In this case, water can carry a boat as well as sink it. The CCP gives the Chinese people no space to live, no space to have their most basic needs. The 1.4 billion Chinese people, now kidnapped and controlled by the CCP, will have no choice but to eliminate it to survive.

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