TSMC Plans To Send More Than One Thousand Engineers & Families To The U.S.

According to local media reports on November 19th, TSMC has put 300 employees on a charter flight to the U.S. this month, and will continuously send over one thousand engineers and their families in the next few months.

 TSMC plans to hold a grand ceremony in Arizona of the United States to mark the installation of the first batch of production equipment in its Fab plant in early December. TSMC occupies a significant position in the global chip industry, serving as the main force of the chip supply chain. CCP’s arrogant calling-for “”the unification of Taiwan by force”” has seriously threatened the chipmaker and the security of the global chip supply. As many people know, the cross-continental relocation of its Fab plants protects Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

 Analyst points out that the urgent evacuation of TSMC’s expertise indicates early warning of imminent invasion. Under Xi’s invasion plan, TSMC is a major strategic target in Taiwan.

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