G20 Post-Effects Brewing: Multiple Initiatives To Speed Up Decoupling With The CCP

In his November 19 Gettr Live broadcast, Miles Guo warned that the post-G20 effect is emerging and that Western countries and their allies will launch a series of sanctions against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to fully attack the Xi regime in the areas of technology, supply chain, finance, virus traceability and vaccine disaster. More than a billion ordinary people in Communist China have become victims.

 Miles said that next, the world’s technology war against Communist China will begin in full swing, as the U.S. will gather the world’s chip and quantum technology talents, while the U.K. and Europe will take full control of the chip industry. The so-called high-tech industry of Communist China will be sent back to the Stone Age. The Asia-Pacific supply chain will be withdrawn from the mainland and Hong Kong and shifted to Southeast Asia.

 There will be no more participation to invest in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which will lead to financial decoupling. The tracing of origin of viruses and the vaccine issue will be the trigger for a showdown between the West and Communist China. The days of technological and economic collapse and people living in extreme poverty are near.

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