Xi’s Ambition Of Sino-US Co-Dominance Fails To Progress At G20, Invades Taiwan More Likely

At the G20 summit, U.S. President Joe Biden returned home midway on the grounds of attending his granddaughter’s wedding. This is a perfect political arrangement that intends to avoid in-depth contact between the high-level officials of China and the United States. After President Biden left the G20 venue, North Korea suddenly launched a missile. This “premeditated” arrangement under the control of the CCP demonstrates the CCP’s hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region. It indirectly reflects that the high-level meeting between China and the United States did not achieve the expected China-US co-governance. After Xi Jinping visited Thailand, he threatened and lured Southeast Asian countries and strongly advocated that China would have a 500 million to 800 million high-end consumer population in the post-epidemic era. Around 2012, the CCP threatened to spend $10 trillion globally. However, the political and business elites in Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries are soberly aware that if they covet the CCP’s 10 trillion yuan, they will only get virus and vaccine disasters, as well as the complete disintegration of the global economy. During the G20 period, the CCP did not allow countries to discuss epidemic and vaccine issues. The purposes of the Xi Jinping authorities are to use the false market of 1.4 billion Chinese as bait to buy some European and American countries whose economies are subject to the CCP’s market and to challenge the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy. The unhappy breakup of G20 Sino-U.S. co-governance will intensify Xi Jinping’s political ambition to attack Taiwan with all his might. The strategy of using the dynamic zero-covid policy to achieve internal stability and suppress opposition forces will not change.

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