Olympic Contestant Felt Her Life Was Over After Taking Pfizer Jabs

Genevieve Florence, a 24-year-old Olympic synchronized swimmer in London, fell ill after taking a dose of Pfizer CCP Virus “Vaccine”, also known as COVID Vaccine or Jab and since then, has been unable to get back her once happy and wonderful life.

 Florence said she used to train 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. She was incredibly active and liked to push herself to the limit. In order to shoot a commercial, she got the jab, but soon regretted her decision.

 Within two weeks of inoculation, her health deteriorated. She suffered from awful headache akin to someone inside her skull forcing to get out. It was so bad she was constantly dizzy and was crawling.

 Florence thought her life was over. She couldn’t cook, stand up or care for herself. Her mother had to visit her twice a week to change bedsheets, do grocery shopping and housekeeping for her.

 Sadly, the synchronized swimmer said this was not life and if the rest of her life was going to be like this, she would rather to end it.

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