Ping An Bank Refused Depositors’ Demand For Refund

On November 7th, a blogger Sophia posted two videos on Twitter, both of which took place at Ping An Bank in Shenzhen, involving failure to withdraw at the bank. One video showed a young woman lying in the lobby of Ping An Bank while its staff was calling for an ambulance. It was likely that the woman fainted after being told that the money in her account was gone when she wanted to withdraw. In the video, the blogger calls for the bank to return depositors’ money, saying that “people stand up to deposit, but they have to lie down to ask their money back. The bank is starting to rob depositors.”

 Another video showed that a customer was sitting on the ground in front of Ping An Bank, and beside her was her daughter, crying to passersby: “”I can’t support my parents; my mother has no money to go to the hospital; my husband’s factory also went bankrupt and was closed, leaving the workers unpaid; the factory also owes fees to social insurance, and we really have no way to live.” Along with the two previous stories was another video tweeted on November 10; it also showed that customers fainted on the spot after knowing that several financial products they bought from Ping An Bank in Shenzhen could not be redeemed. Even worse, some customers gathered at the bank headquarters on November 17 to cash their financial products, but they were threatened, pushed, and driven out of the bank by its security guards.

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