Canada Quietly Turns To Decoupling From Communist China

On October 29th, a media reported that Canada’s diplomatic strategy is quietly shifting to move away from Communist China. The cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sending a signal of decoupling, heralding the significant change in the political landscape.

During a visit to Washington last week, Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry made it clear that his country had to economically decouple from Communist China and develop trade with allies sharing the same values.

This is consistent with the theme of the recent speech at the White House by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who emphasized that he had once hoped CCP would transform itself into a liberal democracy like Canada. However, not only did the CCP regime disillusion her, but it also became increasingly barbaric and authoritarian. Consequently, it is imperative for Ottawa to reduce its reliance on Beijing.

The report noted that despite the Trudeau administration’s past claims of admiration for the CCP dictatorial regime, Canada has witnessed a positive reversal with its neighbor Biden administration’s complete decoupling from Xi Jinping regime.

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