A Surge In The Number Of Hong Kongers Escape CCP’s Tyranny And Returning To Settle In Canada

According to Canadian media reports on October 29th, there was a significant surge in the population of Hong Kong-born Canadians, with a vast majority settling in the Greater Vancouver region, reversing the previous trend of return-migration.

Compared to the downward trend in past decades, the Greater Vancouver region has witnessed a 6.1% increase of Hong Kong-born people in the last five years. The increase of 2,385 Hong Kongers, accounting for 90% of Canada-wide increase of Hong Kong-born population, brought the total to more than 76,000.

Experts noted that CCP’s increasing dictatorship in Hong Kong during the recent years was the direct cause of the dramatic shift. Hong Kong was entirely controlled by national security law after CCP’s bloody crackdown on the mass protests tyranny in 2020. Therefore, many Hong Kongers have immigrated to Canada through the new immigration route specifically offered by the federal government.

Hong Kongers recently arriving in Greater Vancouver are mainly comprised of Canadian citizens, people with new work permits, students, and asylum seekers. The common reason for their return to Canada was “they can’t see a future in Hong Kong”.

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