Japan Plans To Expand Cyber-Defense Forces To 5,000 People In Response To The CCP’s Cyber-Threats

According to a Japanese media report on October 30th, a source familiar with the matter revealed that the Japanese defense ministry was planning to expand its cyber-defense personnel more than five-fold to 5,000 by the fiscal year 2027 in response to cyberattacks from Communist China and other countries.

The source said the self-defense forces (SDF) have established the new cyber-defense force with 540 members and the Ground Maritime and Air SDF all have their own cybersecurity units. The defense ministry expected to expand its core staff for addressing cyberattacks to about 890 people in the fiscal year 2022 and further to 4,000-5,000 by the fiscal year 2027.

In light of the escalating tensions across the Taiwan Strait, the Japanese government looks forward to revising its defense guideline by the end of 2022 in response to a rapidly-changing security environment; the new personnel plan would be part of the revision.

The defense ministry’s 2022 white paper shows that the CCP’s cyber-warfare forces have a total of 175,000 members, including 30,000 specializing in cyber-attack, and the corresponding figure for North Korea is 6,800.

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