Australia’s Budget Compensating For Vaccine Injury With 77 Million AUD Or More

According to an Australian media report on Oct 26th, the governing party’s latest budget papers revealed that compensation payouts for COVID-19, the CCP virus vaccine injury, have skyrocketed more than 80 times to about 77 million AUD by next July.

The figure was quietly placed in the portfolio budget statement of the Services Australia, where the table detailed payments from the agency to a third party on behalf of other entities. Services Australia is responsible for the scheme management for the Health Department, but a spokesman was unable to provide any further detail about the compensation, such as the amount or the number of claims. The compensation scheme is scheduled to end on Apr 17th 2024, and allows Australians to claim for medical costs, wage losses and other expenses if they have side effects induced by CCP virus vaccines.

Potential applicants and legal experts have criticized the complexity of the scheme and difficulties in access to compensation since a medical professional is required to sign the documentation associating the adverse events with the jabs and only a limited number of officially recognized side effects such as myocarditis are covered. The data published earlier this month demonstrated only 59 of 2987 applicants succeeded in obtaining the compensation and the experts considered the payout rate as “absolutely pitiful.”

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