Students Forced Into Quarantine Without Notifying Guardians, Furious Parents Brutally Suppressed By Police

On October 30, local time, a video clip went viral in Communist China showing that under Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid campaign, Renze District No. 2 middle school students in Xintai, Hebei province, were forced into quarantine without notifying their guardians.

When parents asked about the quarantine site, the school responded “no idea”. More and more furious parents gathered and went to the city hall demanding an explanation, which was obstructed by police and violently suppressed. From the video footage, a lot have been injured and some even have been beaten to the ground by the police.

In this event, since all the students are underage, such reckless behavior of the school authorized by local CCP government is no different from kidnapping. As Xi Jinping escalated his Zero-Covid campaign after securing his 3rd term, there have been such reports of entire schools being forcibly quarantined everywhere across the country.

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