Elon Musk Pursues the Right to Speak Through the Acquisition of Twitter

Musk and the trillions of capital backing him up are playing a combination of power and economy. However, there are two major difficulties. Twitter has a bad history in the censorship of freedom of speech and content; besides, the platform also accumulated legal disputes because it is seriously politicized in nature and become a tool for bipartisan disputes. Moreover, the more politicized it is, the more dangerous it will be, and the more influences from the CCP it gets, the shorter life it will be.

Nonetheless, this can be very good for Gettr, the Whistleblower Movement, and the New Federal State of China if he can win and achieve a breakthrough in the entire financial system with digital currency. There are three hurdles to using blockchain technology in social media. The first hurdle is to increase the speed per second in using blockchain. Musk wants to turn social media into blockchain media and a digital trading platform to build an American version of WeChat. However, the biggest challenges are regulations, compliance, and financial supervision in the United States. In addition, financial technology and connecting with various platforms. If Twitter can pass all these hurdles, and if technically the blockchain can reach the targeted speed per second, then it will become a pioneer. What we need to do is to use it, learn from it and further improve it on our own platforms.

By this point, Musk has no other choice but to proceed with this plan, because just like the German government, he has been blackmailed by the CCP.

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