Nanjing People Calmly Queue To PCR While Fire Raging

On the morning of October 29th, a fire broke out in Jeshing Plaza in Nanjing and Fire Rescue Corps rushed to the scene after receiving the report and evacuated the people. The fire continued to burn from day to night, and the firefighting operation was still ongoing.

While a large number of people lined up for PCR test and black smoke covered the sky like the people didn’t see the fire. The PCR is the passport in Communist China under the Zore-Covid policy, without that the people can’t go anywhere, so the Chinese have to ignore the fire and life.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is producing numerous disasters in the world, including extreme Zore-Covid policy, a potential attack on Taiwan and supporting Russia to invade Ukraine. So taking down the CCP is not only the Chinese people’s plan but also the key to resolving all the global problems.

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