Not Going To Mobile Cabin Hospital: Tongji University Students Posted A Protest Letter

On October 25, a social media account in the Communist China posted an article titled “All Negative Students on the Fourth Floor of Tongji University Refuse to Transfer and Refuse to Go to The Mobile Cabin Hospital”. In the article, college students expressed their demands. They fought against the university and collectively resisted the university’s decision to transfer negative students to a mobile cabin Hospital. The article quickly gained 100,000+ views, but was deleted on the 26th.
One netizen commented: Is there any difference between transfer all students to the mobile cabin and isolating all in the dormitory? Not long ago, my roommate was transferred to the mobile cabin for being a close contact of a Covid patient. There was no partition between the toilet and the bed. There was only a large red basin for bathing. To take a shower, theyhad to boil seven or eight pots of water, and the room was very dirty.
Another netizen said: What is the point for going to the mobile cabin? Is it difficult to send students back to online classes? Do we have to go to jail in the school? I have no history of living in an area of medium or high risk of covid infection, but I was still forced to be quarantined in a mobile cabin for a week and a half. The conditions were so poor that I barely slept more than 3 hours a day.
Some netizens commented that the main campus of Tongji has been closed for many days. A positive case was found on the 24th, and soon the streets away from the all negative Zhangwu and Tieling campuses were closed. The only feedback from the teacher whom I asked is that if you don’t agree, you should quit the school.r

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