News of fighter jets and explosions in Henan and Anhui just after the 20th Communist Party Congress

The local government departments responded: “No safety incident was reported,” to the loud explosion that occurred in Henan Kaifeng on October 25 at 6:15 p.m., according to a domestic web video from the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the video sound speculation, it is suspected that an explosion occurred. Below the video a likes reached 36,000 netizens message: “If the end of the world came, who can tell me in advance, I buy a ‘king crab’ to taste, too expensive has not been able to buy”. The latter is a reply: “I also can not afford to buy, my son also wants to eat, I said you go to high school I invite you to eat, but he is only now second grade”.
The video message contains a lot of metaphors, which seems to imply a reference.

Another source stated that on October 24, some netizens recorded a number of aircraft chasing in Henan and Anhui, and there were explosions coming out. Other netizens claimed that warplanes were being shot down, and some netizens reported that explosions were also coming from the Shandong region.

Locals in Fuyang, Anhui Province, reported hearing two loud noises on October 25, and some online users speculated that there had been a natural earthquake that day. However, the local seismological bureau later announced that there had not been a natural earthquake that day.

On October 24, the 20th Communist Party Congress had just concluded, and Xi Jinping had just “cheated and kidnapped” former General Secretary Hu Jintao out of his position while retaining power, thus breaking the term restriction for Communist Party leaders. On Grand Live, Miles Guo stated that Hu Jintao’s performance as “Yuan Shikai” was complete and that “Cai E” will now take the stage.

It is particularly odd that such a massive explosion occurred and that the local authorities did not, as usual, excuse the public by saying something like “security incident” or “earthquake” in the current circumstances when the CCP has a rigorous policy of closing the city. Is “Cai E” actually a thing?

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