Xi Pursues North Korea-Like Policies And Targeting The CCP Members First

On October 24th, Miles Guo revealed in a Gettr video that after the Hu Jintao incident, some political elders in the Chinese Communist party (CCP) wanted an explanation from Xi Jinping regarding his actions. 

Wen Jiabao and others suggested to set up an investigation team to investigate the “political incident at the 20th Congress”, hoping to “kill two birds with one stone”. However, after using Wen Jiabao to gain the power, Xi’s power had been sufficiently consolidated that now he is no longer paying any attention or respect to Wen and the others at all. Instead, Xi made a call for all party members to set a nationwide example of “being thrifty and being economical”.

 Xi’s call was meaning that he will impose extreme segregation with the Zero-COVID policy in the country, a similar policy as to the North Korea’s “Military First” policy. He will implement a North Korean model of economic life which is completely abandoning the market economy and priority serving the military over everything. Starting with having the 93 million CCP members to be the role models on building up the so-called good image of the Party and hand over their wealth. Because Xi understands very well that the CCP members who have money, assets and freedom may turn against him and put him in danger. .

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