Miles Guo Reveals Hu Jintao Will Have A Miserable Ending

In a Gettr video on October 24th, Miles Guo revealed the current situation and the ending of Hu Jintao and those that are around him. 

Before the closing of 20th Communist Party Congress, Hu Jintao’s family and his people were all arrested and controlled in certain designated locations under supervision by the Beijing Military Region Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the CCP’s army. In order to cover up these operations, the CCP separates Hu’s family in different locations with limited movements and negotiate with them individually. 

They ask Hu’s son, Hu Haifeng (胡海峰) to continue his work and will arrange Hu Jintao and his family to appear in public and attend events as per the CCP’s order and supervisions in order to maintain the stability of the overall situation. It is known that Hu Haifeng and others have not yet agreed to the orders. 

Miles explained that this is a consistent practice of the CCP that the person and his destiny are completely finished as soon as these arrangements are made. 

After they have used these people to cover up the truths, they will make the person disappear completely. It is expected that Hu Haifeng and the others will eventually follow the CCP’s arrangement because the CCP will use the suffering of their loved ones to blackmail them into acceptance.

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