Murder for money: CCP Lies That CCP Virus Vaccination Helps Life Expectancy Recover Faster

Xinhua News Agency reported on October 19 that a report published by the British scientific journal “Nature Human Behavior” on the 17th pointed out that due to the impact of the CCP virus epidemic, there is a huge difference in the average life expectancy in different regions of the world. Life expectancy has recovered faster in some countries thanks to high rates of vaccination against the CCP virus.

The CCP still uses the ” esoteric writing” method to create this article that reverse black and white, with seven parts true and three parts false, or with nine parts true and one part false. This is what Miles Guo mentioned in the live broadcast: the CCP’s internal and external propaganda are hierarchical. The “nine-story demon tower”-style arrangement of paragraphs, which floor did we fall into?

The CCP cited the findings of researchers at the Leverhulme Demographic Center at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom that due to the CCP virus epidemic, human life expectancy in 2020 saw the largest drop since World War II. The results of this study are correct, but the CCP’s claim that the high vaccination rate of the CCP virus vaccine is the reason for the faster recovery of life expectancy in some countries is reversing black and white.

The CCP lied that high vaccination rate of the CCP virus will help the average life expectancy recover faster. This is mainly used to deceive people domestically. Those who have been vaccinated will die, and those who have not been vaccinated will be vaccinated and die.

The CCP cited false remarks by Professor Kashyap in demography at Oxford University that life expectancy for people over 80 is returning to normal in some countries. To some extent, it shows that the CCP virus vaccine “really protects the elderly”. Terrible, right?

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