Being called ‘Traitor’: RAF Red Arrow Pilots offer training to CCP Airforce

Daily Post recently reported that retired RAF pilots who have been training CCP air force pilots how to shoot down western airplanes have been called “Traitor” by their enraged serving colleagues.

Minister of State James Heappey said more than 30 top-Gun pilots are sharing vital knowledge and experiences to PLA of CCP. It’s severely threatening the national security of the UK. These RAF pilots, who have been accepting high salary, luxurious accommodations, cars plus servants have been denounced by Heappey, the UK Minister of Défense and Equipment Department. He warned the law will be revised to prevent these retired military personnel to help foreign hostile countries like China, especially being a “First Threat” rival. With the gradual escalation of enragement, retired naval Captain Chris Parry said: “These potential traitors should be named, shamed, and shunned. I feel disgusted when people think offering service for money is right in any field.”

Next week, Home Secretary Suella Braveman will enact a new law requiring all foreign agent to have to register with the UK government. Failure to do so could face to 5 years imprisonment.

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