“Tang Ping Coin” Bears Future and Hope of NFSC Supporters

“Tang Ping Coin” (literally “lying-flat coin”) Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a foregone conclusion, which is bearing the hope of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) supporters for the future. It’ll also Change people’s future consumption pattern. “Use-as-money” is its most powerful concept. Becoming the members of G-club, joining the farms, donating to the Rule of Law Foundation, and buying HCoin will be the only evidence that you belong to the NFSC.With the U.S. legislating to start investigating overseas assets of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) top officials and rolling out of a series of bills against the illegal CCP regime, the CCP will decay day by day. Eventually overseas Chinese will have to choose, either to further stand with CCP or to embrace the NFSC, which is equivalent to being legally demarcated from the illegal CCP regime.From the initial design of “Tang Ping Coin” to its imminent launch, it should be in fact be called the humanity saving coin, while the NFSC the New Human Federation. Miles Guo gave a vivid and graphical example in his live broadcast, he said with the vaccine disaster, healthy sperm and eggs can be traded on GETTR for Tang Ping coins which can be converted into any other digital coins and eventually be cashed out or used in any consumption. A few years ago, no one ever believed when talking about the virus and vaccine, but today this has all become the harsh reality.We the people of the NFSC not only are unvaccinated but also own the G-Series of ecological financial system, which is the cleanest and will certainly lead the human civilization in the future. In addition, we also have the Tang Ping Coin. He emphasized that G|CLUBS members as well as Whistleblower Movement’s fellow fighters will hold one third of Tang Ping Coin after the IPO. We’re the most fortunate during this period of biggest change.

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