Xi Hints At Releasing Viruses Again While Western Media Intends To Expose The Mastermind Of The Vaccine Disaster

On October 16, Miles Guo said in the livestream that Xi Jinping emphasized ‘dare to fight and get better at fighting’. Xi is telling everyone that if nothing else works, the last resolve is to release a virus again. Miles Guo once said that the most dangerous thing is not the virus but the vaccine disaster, but the West is still scratching their heads wondering what that means. Recently, Miles has attracted much attention from the West because he has said in 2020 that the CCP virus is not the most dangerous, but the secondary disaster. After the vaccination of the CCP virus, which is to let people die. And the West still can’t figure out these precise revelations as of now. Recently, many big media outlets have been contacting Miles to find out the truth about the vaccine disaster, and the scary thing is that all these people who want to come and find out the truth have been vaccinated. BBC host Jonathan once said: ‘Lisa, a former host in my position, died at this position. I also received three shots of vaccines; I’m not done with them.’

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