US Adds CCP’s 33 Firms to Unverified List

On October 7th, local time, the U.S. Department of Commerce placed 33 Chinese Communist Party companies on an unverified list. These include Yantze Memory Technologies Co (YMTC), CCP’s major memory chips manufacturer that has supplied chips for Apple products.

Most of these 33 companies are active in high-tech manufacturing, laser components, pharmaceuticals and government research laboratories. DJI Technology Co, BGI Genomics Co Ltd and China State Construction Engineering Co (CSCEC) are all on the list.
Sources said the list could trigger a tougher sanction for 60 days and possibly these companies being placed on a trade blacklist. This move marks the first technology restrictions imposed by the U.S. against CCP in an effort to stop its military expansion. In addition, YMTC is under investigation by the Commerce Department over whether it has sold chips to blacklisted Huawei, which violates the U.S. export controls.

U.S. senators from both parties have been calling for placing the YMTC, CCP’s fast-growing chip manufacturer, on a trade blacklist, because it poses a “direct threat” to the U.S. chip companies.

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