Xinjiang’s People Are in Extreme Misery Due to ‘Pandemic Lockdowns’

On Oct. 10, 2022, the CCP’s Xinjiang officially announced 373 new cases of Covid-19. So far, Xinjiang’s current round of quarantine has reached two months. Long-term quarantine caused Xinjiang’s people to be in extreme misery, lacking supplies and access to doctors; therefore, many tragic videos circulated.

 In communist China’s video-sharing platform, TikTok, a blogger named “”Yili Impression”” posted a video saying, during the home quarantine, in the fridge, there were only two pieces of capsicums, half an onion, and some minced meat off of a leg bone of lamb. Today he finally determined to stewed the still so-called lamb’s leg. The blogger lamented he was jobless, empty inside, and even more insecure, only playing cellphone every day.

 Another local migrant worker in Urumqi was required to be quarantined at the local construction site. According to the video, the quarantine place was an uncompleted residential building lacking windows and doors, with no decoration and living facilities in the rooms; the quarantine worker could only sleep in a small tent and had to endure the cold in the middle of the night.

 Back on Sep. 7, a short video on Weibo sparked a hot debate with several sick children lying in bed. A mother sought help in Uyghur, saying, “”I had reflected yesterday that my children are dying and all of them are fever to 39℃, 50℃…lying here are people, not stones, please come out and take charge! Save my children!”” But the video was immediately deleted.

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