Saudi Arabia Launches Lethal Strike To US Democrats

Miles Guo pointed out in a live broadcast on October 13th, that OPEC’s oil production cuts are “almost doomed” for Biden and the Democratic midterm elections, but a good chance for Putin to grant a big fortune.

Miles states that the OPEC’s production cuts “absolutely affected the most vulnerable Democrats. The Senate, which is likely to win, won’t win, and the House of Representatives will definitely not win. If it doesn’t work, both chambers will lose.”

As well, the first beneficiary of OPEC’s production cuts was the Republican Party of the United States, and the second beneficiary was Putin, who made a lot of fortune by selling oil in the illicit market while cutting OPEC’s production caused oil prices to rise.

According to Miles reveled, Putin mainly sells oil on the illicit market to India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka, and the transaction is cash, digital yuan, and gold.

Miles also mentioned in the live broadcast, “The United States is an oil-producing country, and the United States does not need to buy Saudi oil at all, and it can even be exported, but since 80-90% of the oil in the United States is controlled by Republicans, the Democratic Party would rather import from Venezuela’s lowest quality oil in the world than let Republican oil producers make money.”“So, Putin is optimistic about this. He took Saudi Arabia with the CCP long ago, turned oil into RMB, and Saudi Arabia’s national defense. From the past American-style equipment to Communist-style equipment, then, at the most critical this time, Saudi Arabia gave the Democratic Party’s fatal blow. This is a battle on energy, and this is the real weapon,” Miles continued.

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