National Security Strategy aimed at CCP and Russia was finally unveiled by the U.S.

The White House rolled out a long-delayed national security strategy on Wednesday that aimed at containing CCP’s rise while re-emphasizing the importance of working with allies to address the challenges confronting democracies, Reuters reported on October 12.

The 48-page document, which was delayed due Ukraine crisis, does not include a significant shift in thinking and introduces no new doctrine for Biden’s foreign policy. Instead, it highlights the White House’s view that U.S. leadership is the key to overcoming global threats such as climate change and the rise of authoritarian regimes.

The paper notes that even after Russia invades Ukraine, CCP represents the most serious challenge to the global order, and the United States must win the economic arms race if it wants to retain its global influence.

Outlining the policy, the National Security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that “The People’s Republic of China harbors the intention and the capacity to reshape the international order in favor of one that tilts the global playing field to its benefit, even as the United States remains committed to managing the competition between our two countries responsibly.”

He added that the United States must manage the CCP relationship while dealing with transnational challenges affecting all peoples, including climate change, food security, infectious diseases, terrorism, energy transition, and inflation.

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