Miles Guo: Xi Jinping’s Last-Ditch Struggle will Make Him Lose Everything

Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, disclosed in today’s Grand Live Broadcast that the CCP has long been betting heavily on Putin and Russia for many years. They fantasize that Russia will win the war against Ukraine and then subsequently they will be able to take over Taiwan in one fell swoop. However, facts have proved that this scheme has failed.

Nevertheless, the CCP still believes that the world is currently in a stage of economic crisis, and the Russian-Ukrainian war has exacerbated inflation. The West has suffered the most from the impact and people’s grievances has drastically increased, causing a state of instability in their societies. The Chinese, being utterly fooled and brainwashed by the CCP, as become completely docile and are prepare to “eat nothing but grasses” for three years, just as Wang Qishan used to say. Therefore, now it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invade Taiwan.

Miles pointed out that this is really, really a bad idea, because it is very ignorant and dangerous. Anyone with some common sense in international relations and politics at the top of the CCP can see that once the CCP launched the Taiwan Strait War, it will just provide the troubled Western world with a channel and reason to collectively divert domestic economic and political struggles and contradictions.

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