CCP’s Top Brass Are Fools And Arrogant With Poor Intelligence Skills

During the Grand live Broadcast on October 2nd, Miles Guo spoke about the Chinese Communist Party’s relationship with Iran and noting that the CCP’s top brass are fools and arrogant. He said “they constantly lie to each other, and have very poor intelligence skills”.

Internationally, various countries have shown their respect to the Chinese people, but the CCP thought that the world is kowtowing to Communist China. In fact, even Iran, one of the CCP’s trusted allies, has not revealed anything to the CCP before or after its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s failed heart surgery. The culture of deception within the party has prevented the CCP from keeping tabs on those who are close to Khamenei.

It is clear that the CCP has no reliable intelligence. The CCP regime is a bureaucratic dictatorship that survives on lies and oppression of the good Chinese people in communist China. The CCP has tried to learn from Iran’s system of political and religious integration, but they cannot match the influence of Ayatollah Khomeini or Khamenei. They intend to use Iran as an anti-American front and try to have in-depth cooperation with Iran. But Iran only sees the CCP as an energy trader, and looks down on the CCP in terms of social frameworks and its leadership.

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