210 Million People Unemployed in Communist China

In the Grand Live Broadcast on Oct. 2, Miles Guo recalled his conversation that he had with some world-class elites he met a few years ago. During the conversation, Miles shared his views with them about what were going to happen in Communist China.

Miles said, the real estate market, as well as the banking sector in Communist China would implode in the next two to three years, and the CCP would conduct extreme stress tests on the entire society in preparation for war, and that 100 million people would lose their jobs. Among those Miles met, one of them was then the president of Wal-Mart International, he did not believe what Miles said at the time.

And here’s what’s happening today: People across China are being forced to stay at home or sent to under-conditioned quarantine centers in the name of fighting the epidemic. The people are subjected to extreme oppression. The CCP is on the verge to make the move to invade Taiwan every moment. The official number of unemployed people in China is 150 million, while the actual number has reached 210 million.

In addition, 6 million self-employed individuals have lost their businesses, and 700,000 companies have gone out of business. Therefore, sayings like this are circulating across the entire country: “you better ‘lay flat’ so you don’t lose much, the more you work, the more you will lose.”

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