32 Young Canadian Doctors Who Received The Covid-19 Vaccine Pass Away

A Gettr user has tracked the sudden deaths of young Canadian doctors over the past 16 months, and 32 young doctors who had received the COVID vaccine have died.

According to reports, these deceased doctors were actively practicing medicine before to their deaths and were in excellent health before being vaccinated against the CCP virus. The Canadian Medical Association, which represents over 92,000 doctors, firmly promotes obligatory vaccination of doctors against the Covid-19.

A comparison of the two years 2021-2022 with the three-year period 2019-2020 revealed a 900 percent increase in Canadian doctor fatalities under age 40, a 140 percent increase in doctor deaths under age 50, and a 72 percent increase in doctor deaths under age 60, according to certain data. So far, the death toll has risen dramatically. The rise in the death rate of young doctors, particularly residents, has been worsened.

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