The Biggest Threat to the World is Xi Jinping of CCP, not Putin

The Guardian (UK) published an op-ed on Oct. 2, stating that Xi Jinping of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) chief is a greater threat to the world than Putin.

The Report indicates that Xi Jinping will become the de facto president for life,the most powerful and horrific leader of communist China since Mao Zedong, after this month’s CCP’s congress that will lift term limits for top leaders.

Xi, like Mao Zedong, has failed in many of his major policy initiatives, leading the Communist China toward bankruptcy, the report said. He forced Communist China backwards, back to the close, repressive and centralized dictatorial state model of Mao’s era, so that he could control administration, commerce, industry, land and people on all fronts. As a result, the government has become a stage for his one-man show, which drives back the development of the country and damages its standing internationally.

The report further notes that the CCP’s official acknowledge of “Xi Jinping ideology” is in fact the extreme nationalism that has led to the rapid militarization and regional expansion of communist China. It is also a way to restrict freedoms, turning private business, the judicial system, civil society, academia and the media to Xi’s personal appendage. The report cites Clark Packard of the Cato Institute, which said that the communist China’s economy faces significant headwinds like many other countries, but many of its problems have been caused by Xi Jinping. One example is that Communist China sees “over-inflated debt bubble in the real estate sector which led to a huge collapse.” To “add to this recent trend is the slowing productivity growth, declining population and continuous loss of talent. It is clear that communist China is not the economic hegemon as many Westerners thought.”

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