Russian Military Recruiter Shot Dead Over Fear Of War Draft In Ukraine

A young man reportedly shot a Russian military officer at close range at an enlistment office on September 26th. It is an unusually bold attack that reflected resistance to the Russian government’s mobilization of hundreds of thousands of people to attack Ukraine. Earlier, at least 2,000 were arrested for sporadic arson attacks on enlistment offices and protests against call-up in Russian cities. Kremlin is looking to bolster its military as its Ukraine offensives come to a deadlock.

The shooter Ruslan Zinin, 25-year-old, from Siberian city of Ust-Ilimsk, walked into the enlistment office and said, “no one will go to fight” and “we will all go home now”.

Zinin was arrested and officials vowed severe punishment. The military commander is in intensive care. Zinin was in the room of men called to fight. Troops from his area were scheduled to the military base on Tuesday.

Russia could seek to escalate the conflict, including the possible use of nuclear weapons, after its illegal referendum in occupied parts of Ukraine.

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