Taiwan calls Japan a good friend after 50 years of broken diplomatic ties

September 29 marks the 50th anniversary of the severance in diplomatic relations between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Japan. “Japan is a good friend that shares universal values such as freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and the emotional ties between the people of Taiwan and Japan are very deep,” Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said at a regular press conference. She said, “Only if Taiwan and Japan continue to deepen their exchanges can we further promote peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Taiwan severed diplomatic relations with Japan on September 29, 1972, following the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and Communist China.

Joanne Ou emphasized that both Taiwan and Japan are located in the first island chain of Communist China, and that the two countries are closely linked in terms of defense, and also have close economic and tourism ties. She expressed her appreciation for Japan’s previous efforts to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait at many important international organizations and international forums.

Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which Taiwan is seeking to join, she expressed her hope that Japan would promote a mutually friendly partnership along the value chain.

Speaking on Sino-Japanese relations, she expressed confidence that Japan would make appropriate decisions for its own national interests. She hopes that Japan will also contribute to regional peace, stability, prosperity, and development while improving its relations with Communist China.

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