The Leader of Brothers of Italy Meloni Says Putin Poses a Security Threat to Europe

As reported by a foreign media on September 30th, the head of the Brothers of Italy party, Giorgia Meloni mentioned in a party statement that with the region where Ukraine held a referendum last week being annexed into Russia, Putin has once again indicated that he has a Soviet-style new imperialism outlook that jeopardizes the security of the entire European continent.

Meloni further noted, Russia’s ongoing violation of coexistence rules agreed between nations proved the necessity for solidarity and unity among Western democracies.

Meloni went on to say, there is no legal and political value in proclaiming four Ukrainian regions to be annexed to the Russian Federation following the farce of a referendum held under a violent military force.

Comment: This election was won by Meloni, the head of an Italian right-wing party, she made a pre-election commitment to back Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression in the event that her party wins. Additionally, Miles Guo informed during his live broadcast on September 28th that Putin would undoubtedly intensify the war following the referendum in Eastern and Southern Ukraine occupied by Russian Troops, but that this would inevitably hasten Russia’s collapse and demise.

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