Mike Pompeo speaks directly to the Chinese people: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the most anti-China force in history

According to a report from the Himalaya Australia Farm, the former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech at the “Hudson Night Chat” on September 26th, saying that the CCP is the most anti-China force in history.

In his release, Pompeo expressed that America today is home to American people of all races, including more than five million Chinese Americans. They have contributed immeasurably to the American way of life and America’s democratic experiment. As Secretary of State, he heard heartwarming reports from U.S. diplomats, i.e., the longest queue in the world for a U.S. visa is at the U.S. consulate in Communist China. Countless Chinese people want to come to the United States to visit, study, and even immigrate. This phenomenon shows that the United States is very special, the United States is kind, and the United States is doing good things all over the world. Chinese Americans know that the United States is a transcontinental, special, multiracial democracy. The United States attracts more immigrants than any other country on the planet, including the victims of the CCP’s genocide, e.g., Uighurs and Tibetans. So, the United States is not a racist country, and the United States should never change anything about this. Americans speak out whenever they see discrimination abroad, especially when there is systemic racism in the CCP’s Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and elsewhere. An undeniable fact that the CCP has tried to deny is that the CCP is the most anti-China force in history! The CCP, built on a bankrupt Marxist ideology, has killed tens of millions of Chinese people and launched a Cultural Revolution that destroyed thousands of years of Chinese culture. The CCP cannot admit any of it was more than a mistake. It was a crime.

In the end, Pompeo said he looks forward to the day when the Chinese people can join the debate and fight for freedom that the American people have been waging since 1776, and the Chinese deserve a far better life than they have now.

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