NYPD Detective Ask Supreme Court to Block Vaccine Mandate

The Associated Press reported on August 25 that a New York City detective has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the city from firing him and other employees who refused to receive the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19) vaccine.

 Attorneys for Detective Anthony Marciano asked the court Thursday for an emergency injunction to block the city from enforcing a policy that all city employees must be vaccinated. Marciano, a 10-year police veteran, belong to a minority group of public employees who refuse the shot and are also not qualify for a medical or religious exemption. More than 1,000 New York City employees have been fired for refusing getting vaccinated, and others are waiting to see if their exemption requests are approved.

 “Each day more and more municipal workers are being fired for refusing the EUA Covid-19 mandate in a City riddled with crime, and rapidly decaying, in need of more, not less, skilled municipal workers,” the attorney wrote.

 Marciano argues in his legal filing that he has “natural immunity” to COVID-19 and the vaccines against the virus have “simply too many adverse consequences that applicant is unwilling to risk.”

 Former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio mandated that all workplaces in the city, including private businesses, could only accept vaccinated employees, with partial exemptions for professional athletes and entertainers.

 A police department spokesman said the department has no comment on pending litigation. “The Supreme Court has rejected many lawsuits and numerous attempts to take up lawsuits against the vaccine mandate; and a number of other courts have upheld the mandate, recognizing that it saves lives and is a condition of employment.”

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