CCP’s Ministry of Defense to Recruit College Students to Fight

On August 25th, Tan Kefei, the spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), said when introducing the recruitment situation in the second half of the year, and will commence on August 15th. The solicitation is focused on college students, and priority is given to approving science and engineering college students and skilled personnel required for war preparations to join the army. The relevant departments of the military will continue to implement a series of preferential policies for college students to join the army, and hope that high-quality young people will actively apply for the recruitment.

 The CCP is a paper tiger fooling the common people to train their newly graduated sons and daughters to be cannon fodder on the battlefield, while their sons, daughters and grandchildren are enjoying life in the West. Communist China’s economy is very poor now, and many college graduates can’t find jobs. Some parents might take the opportunity to enlist their kids in the military and have a job, thinking it’s better than relying on themselves. This is exactly the trick of the CCP.

 Parents and fresh graduates should see the situation clearly and make the right choice. Young people would rather help their parents grow crops so that they can have food to eat when the famine comes.

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