CCP is, by its very nature, a demon rather than human

In the Grand Live Broadcast on August 24, Miles Guo pointed out that since the reform and opening up, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ruled over 1.4 billion Chinese with a few kleptocrat families with no more than 2,000 members. They turned Chinese society into an animal slave society and brainwashed the Chinese. In addition to enslaving the Chinese, the CCP used various means to infiltrate Western countries in an attempt to rule the world. Their ambition stems from their devilish nature.

 Miles summarized three of the CCP’s demonic natures.

 First, it is against human decency. Wu Zheng (吴征) let or even arranged for his wife Yang Lan (杨澜) to have paid or free sex with many different people and was not ashamed of it. As the couple can use sex to exchange for power and money, the couple even was envied by some of their followers. The admired and famous superstar singer celebrity Song Zuying (宋祖英,) as well as many other well-known star celebrities, have sex deals in private as regular occurrences.

 Second, there is no shame. Zeng Wei (曾维) used the foulest language cursing Xiao Jianhua (肖建华) in public, and Xiao Jianhua let him do it. Hong Kong Superstar celebrities were also scolded and dared not to speak out. However, on the other hand, some senior Party cadres acted like servicemen to massage Song Zuying, Yang Lan, and others in public to please and curry favor with them, losing the most basic human dignity.

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