CCP Relaxes Recruitment Criteria for Children of Ordinary People as Cannon Fodder

On August 25, the Ministry of National Defense of communist China announced that the recruitment exercise would continue twice a year and broaden the recruitment age to 26.

 The target of this recruitment is mainly the undergraduates and prioritizing polytechnic students and talents with skills needed to prepare for war. The required recruitment age is also broadened and made available for graduate and school students to 26. At the same time, the relevant departments of the military continue to implement a series of preferential policies for college students to enlist in the military, including the enforcement of the retention of school roll or entry qualifications of the university, enjoying state funding for education, and allow to transfer to another profession after retiring from the military. And be exempted from examinations for upgrading “college diploma to bachelor degree” and given extra points for taking postgraduate admission to encourage young people of high caliber to apply for the draft actively.

 Observers believe that the focus of this recruitment exercise is related to the current situation where graduates are unemployed, and it is generally difficult for university students to find jobs. By prioritizing recruiting university graduates, the Chinese Communist Party wastes social resources and enriches the army with high-quality talent. In addition, they are using the children of ordinary people as cannon fodder to serve a handful of families of kleptocrats in a vain attempt to continue enslaving the people and their reign.

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