Xi Jinping Locates At the Tail of the CCP’s Disdain Chain

During a broadcast on August 24th, Miles Guo introduced the white-hot infighting in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

 According to the Nanputuo (南普陀) scheme designed by Zeng Qinghong, Xi Jinping can only have one tenure at the position of National President. However, Xi, who is not willing to be a puppet, amended Communist China’s constitution to forge a reign of Xi’s family generation by generation, which led to the failure of the Nanputuo scheme.

 Since Deng Xiaoping’s (邓小平) time, Zeng’s family has been the actual dominant power of the CCP. Even Jiang Zemin, the nation’s later president, is also Zeng’s student. And over the years, no photos of Zeng’s family have ever been circulated, illustrating the power of Zeng’s family that possesses the capability of sitting at the top of the CCP’s contempt chain.

 The most famous bagman of Zeng’s family is Dai Yongge (戴永革), who is second only to Zeng in power and looks down on everyone who Zeng disregards. Dai highly despises Wu Zheng and Yang Lan, who are working for Jiang’s family, including Wang Qishan, Sun Lijun, and Meng Jianzhu, as well as the families of Jiang and Zeng, all disdain Xi’s family, sending Xi to the end of the CCP’s contempt chain.

 At present, although the failure of the Nanputuo scheme seems to mean the reckless Xi’s temporary defeat of the CCP patriarchs, like Zeng Qinghong, Xi has not yet achieved the status he seeks and is still trying to expand his power in an effort to kidnap Zeng’s family members living overseas to Communist China, for the safety of his own family. However, Wang Qishan still holds the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Meng Jianzhu also has the Political and Legal Committee, and Xu Jiayin (许家印) and Dai Yongge are still not removed, suggesting that the anti-Xi forces within the party still have a strong grip.

 Eventually, the CCP’s infighting will result in the complete annihilation of one side by the other, with no possibility of coexistence in between.

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