Students of Ontario’s Western University Oppose Vaccine Mandate

On August 23rd, it was reported that the epidemic prevention measures recently issued by Ontario’s Western University, which is quite reputable in the province, have now aroused strong resistance among the university’s students. They pressured the school on social media to end the mandatory vaccine policy once and for all.

Just before the fall semester was about to begin, Western University suddenly required all of its students and faculty to submit proof that they had received at least three doses of CCP virus (COVID-19) vaccine. Immediately after the measure was enacted, college students issued a peaceful boycott, arguing that individuals’ access to education should not be determined by vaccination status, and therefore had the right to refuse to comply.

The Ontario Ministry of Health has previously stated that the CCP virus vaccine carries the risk of serious side effects and has advised college students to make their own decisions about whether to get vaccinated based on a “risk assessment.” At present, no public health official has justified the university’s mandatory vaccination policy.

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