The Criminal Brainwashing Of The Chinese People At The Hands Of The CCP

Miles Quo: Brothers and sisters, I feel very emotional every time I talk about this subject. Similar to what has happened in my childhood, I know how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) brainwashes my children and children around me. I know what an unhealthy and traumatic childhood they have had.

Communist China’s education is unabashedly separated into many levels, the CCP kindergartens, the CCP elementary schools and the CCP middle schools. Moreover, some international schools are concealing many disastrous activities as these schools are where the “little devils” are cultivated and will make China go through one disaster to another. Communist China’s kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools are where the Chinese Communist Party turned the students to commit crimes against the Chinese people.

All celebrities of Communist China in the entertainment industry are cronies of the Chinese Communist Party. They serve as “stimulants” (often sexual) in the power trading between senior officials of the CCP as well as a bridge for the collusion between Chinese officials and businessmen. Consequently, Chinese celebrities command little respect and they know who their sugar daddies are.

All the CCP officials actually do not believe “their fathers and mothers are not as close to them as The Party (slogan of CCP)”, they actually adore their sons and daughters, even their illegitimate children, more than their parents! But they guide the Chinese people to treat the Chinese Communist Party better than their father and mother, even to forget their father and mother. Privately, they treat their illegitimate children, even son-in-laws, with more respect than their own respect towards their parents. If this is not true, you can tell me (Miles Guo) off. If you don’t wake up now, then you are not worthy to be human.

During the last 70 years of Chinese Communist Party in power, irrespective to like of the celebrities, educationists, industrialists or intellectuals, or even myself and my family, we are all guilty of being cowardice, ignorant and selfish. Strictly speaking, we are not worthy to be part of the society.

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