CCP’s Venue for Money and Sex Deal Exposed

In a livestream on August 17th, Miles Guo disclosed several secret sites in Beijing and other major cities that senior Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials frequently visit for backdoor deals of money, power, and sex.

Miles Guo revealed that Zeng Wei’s underground teahouse, which is located at US United Apartment on East Third Ring Road, is known as little Zhongnanhai in Beijing. At that time, Yao Qing had a super tea room in the Xiangjiang Villa on Shunyi Airport Road, worth billions. In addition, Yao Qing also had tea rooms at HNA’s Tangla Yaxiu Penthouse Club, Intime Hotel and Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Miles recalled that after 1997, Zeng Wei and Yao Qing began to be active in Beijing, and opened teahouses in Beijing and major provincial capitals, such as Shenzhen and Shanghai. These tea drinking places are actually the places where the police and the underworld make deals, and also the places where officials do money and power deals and sex deals with celebrities. Zeng Wei’s beloved Gao Yuanyuan also often went to Zeng Wei’s tea room. In addition, Tian Wei had a very famous club in Beijing called Little White Shark.

Miles Guo said that female celebrities like Ni Ni (Chinese actress), Zhong Lili (Chinese actress), and Crystal Liu (Liu Yifei, Chinese-American actress) often went to these clubs. At that time, a number of individuals frequently gathered there on a daily basis, including Chen Feng (co-founder of HNA), Wang Jian (co-founder of HNA), Tian Wei, Zeng Wei, Ji Xiaobo, Li Yanhong (Robin Li, co-founder of Baidu), Zheng Yingyan (female CCTV host), Zhu Xinyu (son of Zhu Jiming) and Xu Ming (founder of Dalian Shide Group).

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