Taiwan Thanks the U.S. for Maintaining Security in Taiwan Strait

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan triggered several days of military exercises by Beijing around Taiwan, as reported on Aug. 13th. Taiwan President Tsai lng-wen said last Thursday that China’s threat of force is undiminished, even though Beijing’s largest- ever military drills around the island following Pelosi’s visit last week seemed to be scaling down.

Communist China’s 13 fighter jets crossed the centerline of the Taiwan Strait last Saturday, while this centerline is an unofficial barrier between both sides. Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Communist China’s unprovoked military and economic intimidations had further strengthened the global democratic camps’ unity and resilience. Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressed “sincere gratitude” towards the U.S. for taking “concrete actions” to maintain the security and peace in the Taiwan Strait and the region.

Tsai lng-wen said last Saturday at a rally in southern Taiwan for a local election scheduled at the end of November that Taiwanese love freedom and democracy, so many international friends come to Taiwan to support us. However, Communist China threatens and intimidates Taiwan. Communist China has never given up dominating democratic Taiwan through military force. Taiwan’s future can only be decided by the people of Taiwan.

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