South Korean Air Force Aerobatic Team will Refuel in Taiwan

The South Korean Air Force Black Eagles aerobatic team will perform an air show in the Philippines later this week, followed by a refuelling stopover in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.

The team, including the T-50B trainer aircraft, is expected to make a brief stop at Kaohsiung International Airport around 11 a.m. on Thursday for refuelling before taking off again around 3 p.m. to return to South Korea.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it would accommodate all foreign military aircraft stopover in Taiwan in accordance with existing rules, but declined to provide further details. It is reported that the last time the South Korean Air Force Black Eagles aerobatic team made a refuelling stopover in Taiwan was in 2018 before attending the Singapore Airshow.

After the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, a bipartisan group of US congressional lawmakers has visited the island, and then the South Korean Air Force will also make a refuelling stop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. All these actions show the world that Taiwan is a member of the international community, and any country can normally come to Taiwan for exchanges and visits.

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