Who Exactly is the Most Powerful Clique in the “Meat Grinder System”

The “meat grinder system” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was born with it and has been long-standing. But the truth inside is usually always a myth. There is no way to determine whether it is true or not. With the CCP having entered a period of languishing, the infighting is also fighting courageously at baton-point range as the 20th National Congress approaches. The Whistleblower Movement’s founder and expert on the CCP issue, Miles Guo, provided the clearest explanation at the beginning of Gettr’s “Wengui Grand Live Broadcast” on August 10th.

 The Fudan Clique includes Jiang Zemin, Jiang Mianheng, Chen Yungeng, Wang Huning, Neil Shen, Han Zheng, Meng Jianzhu, Li Yuanchao, Bruno Wu, Yang Lan, Guo Guangchang, Jack Ma, and Zhang Shousheng as core members. It is the second political force in Communist China, which rival the Tsinghua Clique.

 However, Zeng Qinghong is the most powerful figure behind it. His power should be ranked No. 2 after Zhou Enlai and No.1 among the oil gang of the CCP. Xi Jinping is no match for Zeng Qinghong, and Wang Qishan is just one of Zeng Qinghong’s dogs. The Fudan Clique received better instruction from Zeng than from the Central Party School of the CCP. The so-called Jiang era is essentially the beginning of the Zeng era. Zeng Qinghong is a “master wizard”, and Jiang Zemin has no idea what to do without having dinner with Zeng Qinghong.

 Miles informed those concerned about the infighting within the CCP that there will be a number of significant events will soon take place in Communist China: 1. several districts participating in the moat project of Hebei will have problems, all of which are the result of years of hard work; 2. the Fudan Clique as a whole will also have troubles; and 3. There will be problems in Chinese finance controlled by Wang Qishan’s minions Guo Shuqing and five people whose last name is Tian (Tian Huiyu, Tian Guoli, and Zhou Liang).

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