Japan’s New Defense Minister Hamada Wants to Enhance Counter-attack Capability

Japan’s government is reportedly considering raising the defense budget by putting in place necessary projects to handle the current security environment, which will fundamentally strengthen defense capabilities within five years. This statement was made by Japan’s newly appointed defense minister Yasukazu Hamada at his first press conference on August 10.

 Hamada had also served as defense minister in the Tarō Asō administration from 2008 to 2009. He is taking up the post again. Talking about the difference from the last time, Mr. Hamada said that it was a completely different era from now, and this time he took office with a great sense of urgency in a harsh environment.

 He also said that it is necessary to have a counter-attack deterrent that makes opponents dare not attack Japan. It has been a long time since the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) changed from Existing SDF to Operating SDF. He added that it is still necessary to think more deeply about this issue from regional stability.

 In addition, regarding Communist China’s military drills around Taiwan on August 4, five ballistic missiles fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone. He said that China has been strengthening its troop deployment in the Spratly Islands, and for this reason, he wants to strengthen the defense system in the Spratly Islands in a visible way.

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