The U.S. Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange as Laundering Money for North Korea

It was reported that the U.S. Treasury Department announced on August 8th, it sanctioned Tornado Cash, which provides untraceable cryptocurrency asset services to North Korea hacking group, freezing all of its assets in the U.S.

 The report revealed that since its inception in 2019, Tornado Cash has been involved in laundering cryptocurrency assets worth more than $7 billion (94.4 billion yen). Which includes crypto assets worth $455 million (61 billion yen) seized by North Korea hacking group Lazarus.

 Comment: It seems like the sanction against Kim Jong-un actually refers to Communist China. The biggest owner of cryptocurrency is Communist China and the U.S. Wall Street, and now it is just the beginning of the operation with Tornado Cash. Miles Guo has said before, Bitcoin-led digital currency will eventually be eliminated. The end of the Evil Axis countries and the dark forces is arriving. Hcoin and G series have a great future as it is the cleanest.

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