CCP is reinforcing her military readiness for war and promoting militarism in full force

The majority of the commoners in China who have been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party have never experienced the deadliness of modern weapons. Even purchasing a kitchen knife will require a valid name provided by the purchaser. Additionally, the average person is unlikely to have knowledge of any kind of control mechanism. They will all be used as sacrificial lamb in the event of conflict. The Chinese Communist Party frequently incites hatred, with many unable to comprehend what war actually entails. CCP religiously promote the seizure of Taiwan, to destroy the US with nuclear weapons and similar ridiculous ideas that are really laughing stocks to everyone.

 The real motive of CCP is to enlist “ideological Boxers like during the Qing dynasty”, not proper soldiers. In order to achieve their aims, CCP alters textbooks to integrate military concepts while stepping up the so-called military training for secondary school students to turn them into sacrificial lambs. The CCP also make use of her aircraft carriers as backdrop images in textbooks to subtly insinuate to students that the motherland is so strong that she even has aircraft carriers. They also use “telescope and the blue ocean” to insinuate that Taiwan only lies not too far away and that it is time for an armed reunion.

 The intention of CCP is clear given that such materials have been incorporated into a secondary school textbook rather than a military handbook. The inclusion of military materials, however, is too late and has no practical value given that the Taiwan Strait is already in high tension and war could break out at any moment. Even the educational materials prepared to address conflicts before their imminent demise are merely ceremonial and lack of real military knowledge. Their objective is to cultivate more students to be sacrificial lambs and hoping that this will delay their eventual demise. As usual, CCP has always been impractical.

 Notwithstanding that the CCP is an extremely evil entity, she hasn’t done much to improve military quality nor strengthen her defense of the nation. In reality, extensive brainwashing is never a viable replacement for true battle experiences and capability. The only outcome of the CCP in the phantom aspiration of making the country more powerful is to propel themselves to eventual self-destruction.

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