Australia Former Defense Minister Warns CCP’s Invasion Might Cause “Conflict or War”

Australia opposition party leader, former Defense Minister Peter Dutton attacked Communist China’s overacted response to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit and urged Australia government “provision deterrent” for potential regional conflict.

 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has enhanced the frequencies of military drills in Taiwan Strait and East Sea areas, after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taipei visit. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had launched 5 high-power missiles at the opposite bank of the Strait, one of them had fallen into the Japanese exclusive economic zone.

 Dutton expressed that the CCP’s recently upgrading invasion activities might cause “conflict or war”, he was quite astonished by the behaviors of Beijing. Dutton had appraised the open attitude to purchase nuclear-power submarines of Albanes administration to fill up the capability gap of decades.

 Dutton said “It’s absolutely essential that we acquire the capability to provide a deterrent.”

 “We’re an island nation in the middle of the pacific and we have a particular responsible not just to our own country but to keep peace within our region as well.”

 “To the extent a capability gap exists when we determine how quickly we can get the nuclear-powered submarines, we need to be looking at every option about how we plug that gap,” Mr. Dutton said.

 “The point is that we must have an evolving and improving submarine capability in this country from this day forth. And that necessitates plugging the gap. And there are lots of ways one can do that.”

 Dutton also compared the CCP with the rise of Nazi Germany.

 He said the PLA’s behaviors “at any phase” could upgrade into a total attack. He implied there would be an invasion short after.

 Dutton expressed the need for people to know of the true situation as the South China Sea could fall into conflict at any time. He also added that one of the military drills might turn into invasion tomorrow. Its threats are indeed very true for the peace and stability of the region.

 Acting Prime Minister of Australia Marles refused to reveal whether he believed China would invade Taiwan. Dutton noted the Opposition Party supported the stance of the Albanese administration to China. His Party didn’t want to play politics on national security issues.

 He said the world should prevent history from repeating itself. The current global situation makes people recall of the rising of Nazis in 1930.

 “This has been entirely predictable, China is amassing nuclear weapons and when we say that we’re in a period similar to the 1930s that is not made up, it’s not exaggerated.” Dutton said in hoping the massacres occurring in Ukraine will not happen in Taiwan.

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